About us

Our story

Air Accounting was built to inject a forward-thinking approach into the accounting industry. Our purpose is to create a culture which puts our people first and better aligns them with our clients, to create an opportunity for everyone to share in the value we build. Since inception, we have fostered a culture which drives innovation, ambition, and development.

This has led to us being able to offer an expanding array of business services including CFO, Accounts, Advisory, and Compliance, yielding further value opportunities for our people and clients.

Air Accounting Team

Where skill, technology and ambition intersect

With a forward-thinking approach from day one, we are focused on transforming the traditional approach taken by accounting firms. We practise what we preach, continuously investing in our team and technology to drive maximum value for clients through smart advice and technology-driven solutions.

Leveraging best practice systems and technology, our team operates in an efficient environment, allowing them to excel at what they do best – solving complex problems for growing businesses. Our investment in leading systems to automate, offshore, process map and outsource result in an efficient and effective service for our clients.

The team

Our values

Culture first


We have a team of smart, driven people with a hunger to learn and grow. We look to give our people the best possible personal development experience by fostering a collaborative and supportive culture, which empowers them to be their best.

Client focused


Because we put culture first, we can focus our attention on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We are happiest when presented with a challenge and will roll up our sleeves to get things done.

Technology driven


We solve problems for growing businesses, and we love leveraging technology to do so. This results in efficient, scalable solutions for our clients, allowing them to focus on building their business without looking back.

Collaborative DNA


Our array of services are completely integrated, resulting in exponential value for our clients who get exposure to seamless service delivery across different teams. Collaboration is ingrained in our culture and means we can deliver creative solutions no one team could alone.

Our clients