How It Works

Running a business is much like running a kitchen. Here’s how we partner with you:



1. Systems Review

Cooking techniques evolve over time, so should your business systems.

We begin with a fresh look at how information flows through your business, from purchase ordering to cash collection, then identify weaknesses and processes that can be eliminated, automated or delegated.

Don’t let expired methods limit your potential.

Air Advisory helps you identify and respond to issues in your food & beverage business.

2. Systems Integration

Communication in the kitchen is crucial, and so is communication throughout all areas of the business. 
We get your systems talking, to remove administration, increase speed, consistency and response times.

Air Compliance the traditional accounting & tax service for your food & beverage business.

 3. Tax & Compliance

Much like the mise en place, tax and compliance is an essential discipline.

We check plan, prepare and lodge all of your tax compliance regularly throughout the year so there is no leakages or last minute panic. 

Air Accounts is the bookkeeping service for your food & beverage business.

4. Bookkeeping & Payroll

Remaking dishes costs money, meaning quality is required from the outset.
We take care of your bookkeeping so the higher level decisions are made using accurate, reliable data without having to re-work the numbers or reverse-engineer payruns.



5. CFO Services

Consistent measurement and tasting is the key to innovation in the kitchen.
Our CFO services leverage technology to frequently measure and benchmark your business against competitors and ATO expectations. Innovation is pointless if it is not measured for effectiveness, and as your CFO we minimise the risk of failure and identify opportunities to exploit.

Air CFO is your outsourced finance manager for your food & beverage business.

6. Transactions

You wouldn’t buy a commercial oven without testing it out.
Transacting in business is necessary for growth, and whatever you are buying or selling, we work with you on the due diligence, structuring and strategy to ensure you walk away with the best value possible. 

7. Strategy & Trends

Mentors in the kitchen can shape your future, and business is no different.
We work with you on key decisions in growing your business. Our experience with employee remuneration, structuring, property acquisitions, equipment financing, exit strategies, branding and more are invaluable when you need to make quick decisions.



8. Regular Advice

As you know F&B trends move quickly and what's hot now can become stale in less than a year.
We offer fixed prices for regular advice so we are regularly reviewing your business model and strategy. If you’re only speaking to your accountant once a year, you're already stale.





Inspired to create beautiful food but stifled by paperwork and business administration?

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