Retail & eCommerce

This profile fits B2C physical & online retailers/stockists of one or more of these lines: health foods, speciality foods, gourmet food products, artisan goods, organic & sustainable foods, native & local foods, imported goods, coffee beans & accessories, tea blends & brewing equipment, dairy products & non-diary alternatives, oils, salts, seasonings, honey, nuts, dried/dehydrated fruits, pre-packaged broths & stocks, sauces & condiments, pickled/cured/fermented goods, brewery & other beverage/drinks, bespoke packaging and so on.

Systems to consider integrating:

  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale (PoS) & Terminal & Cash Drawer
  • eCommerce Website
  • Payroll & Rosters
  • Accounting & Tax Compliance
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing & Sales Pipeline Automation
  • Customer Service & Support (Help Desk & FAQ)
  • Analytics and Reporting
Start-up example

You may have a pop-up store and point of sale hardware to get the ball rolling. Easily bring your online store to life with a hosted e-commerce website that integrates with the accounting back-end for tax obligations. You can use your own domain name, have omnichannel listings based on stock availability that is frequently updated automatically, accept payments from major credit cards/stripe/paypal, set up promo codes and loyalty programs as well, and it’s all SEO optimised! Best of all, your customer’s experience will be pretty much automated from online shopping cart to shipping labels and invoicing.

Growth example

You can explore campaigns to automate your marketing & sales pipeline, and hold workshops or webinars to attract & educate customers who like to DIY. Automated marketing drip campaigns are great for lead nurturing too when done thoughtfully. If you are starting to experience higher numbers of visitors which do not complete the purchase, tools like abandoned cart recovery and well-timed promo codes are simple ways to boost sales conversions (after a few tests on what appeals to your target market of course). As you expand your product range and build up your customer base, you may want to move on to a more comprehensive inventory management system, have more control over the website, include a FAQ help page and customer service ticketing system, offer click & collect options etc. All that can be achieved with an array of add-ons, instead of starting from scratch again or hiring a team of programmers.

Put your valued employees to better use, managing your store instead of manually re-entering data!