Cafes, Takeaways & Pop-ups

This profile fits cafes, takeaway shops, fast food eatery, pop-up stalls, market vendors, food trucks, on-demand food delivery and other quick turnover food & beverage businesses.

Systems to consider integrating:

  • Point of Sale (PoS) & Terminal & Cash Drawer
  • Kitchen/Barista Station Dockets
  • Payroll & Rosters
  • Accounting & Tax Compliance
  • Online Ordering & Payment Collection (consider outsourcing)
  • Delivery (consider outsourcing)
  • Procurement of Supplies
  • Menu on Website
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Promotions and Loyalty Cards
  • Analytics and Reporting
Start-up example

Apart from making sure the quality of the coffee/tea/food is perfect every time, efficiency is the main focal point for high volume low margin transactions, so getting the flow of work right is imperative for the business operations to be repeatable and easy to scale. Empower your customers by letting them manage their loyalty points on their phone, and even place their own orders & pay online. Customers will appreciate not having to wait long, and you’ll have a higher turnaround time, win-win! Not to mention, the day’s takings would be counted and pushed into the back-end accounting side of things.

Growth example

Once you’ve identified peak hours, you can have casual staff on standby and ready to accept fill-ins with a click of a button. Get higher ratings and more followers on social media to attract more customers, host events and promotions during off-peak times to optimise usage of the premises. Gain better insight as to whether opening at certain hours or on public holidays are actually making a profit.

Never get the orders mixed up again!