Meet The Team

Air Accounting Team

The Beginning

Air Accounting was born in 2015 out of frustration with the accounting professions complacency to adopt technology and adapt to the needs of small and medium businesses.

Some of our frustrations:

  • Business owners need regular, proactive advice to execute their strategies, but most accountants wait until the phone rings;
  • A bookkeeping role was considered below’ an accountants degree qualification, yet traditional accountants would happily charge $300+ per hour to re-do the bookkeeping work and post journal entries (another word for bookkeeping);
  • Business owners were charged for the length of time taken to complete a task, not on the value of what they delivered.

What we are creating

Air Accounting is not an accounting firm but a group of business owners looking to deliver value and clarity by taking care of your financial red-tape, systemising and managing your business finances, forecasting and structuring your growth and keeping you regularly accountable. We are the outsourced finance arm of your business.

So who is Air Accounting?

Clarity Champions
People often ask us why we don’t wear suits and it’s because achieving clarity means getting dirty… and we dive straight in. Clarity is the cure to your internal worlds problems and our priority is for you to know where you are now’ and understand where you are heading’.

Food and Beverage Advocates
If we weren’t so damn good with numbers, well we’d be in the kitchen. We are passionate about the next wave of the food and beverage industry in Australia and spend our spare time solving financial problems common to the industry. At lunch time you’ll find the team devouring the innovative inner-west of Sydney and challenging the business models of an industry going through rapid change.

Technology with Personality
You’ll often encounter us questioning your technology.  We constantly question our own to balance the best of breed tech efficiencies with regular human advice. We aim to free you from financial constraints, red tape and headaches so you get out of bed and achieve something meaningful tomorrow and when things aren’t going to plan you’ll be speaking with a local adviser.

Youth playing the long game
We believe wealth and value are delivered through playing the long game. Regular, intelligent decisions made today will deliver your business incredible value in the long term and with an average age under 30 we plan to be with you to see that happen.


Air Accounting Shaun Stubley

Shaun Stubley

Director, Principal Adviser.

  • CA
  • B. Commerce, University of Wollongong
  • J.D. Law, University of New South Wales (in progress)

Armand Nariman

Senior Business Adviser.

  • CA in progress
  • B. Business, University of Technology Sydney

Cam Lee

Founder, Director.

  • CA, awarded merit in tax
  • B. Commerce (Distinction), University of New South Wales