Can you grow your business by understanding your finances?

Can you grow your business by looking at its numbers?

Someone asked me the other day – “What would you do if you wanted to grow your business?” In the hope that what I might suggest would be something they could use for themselves. If only growing your business was so simple. The truth is, I could recommend any number […]

Is your business sailing along without a map?

For many, the word ‘budget’ is about as appealing as the word ‘diet’. It seems to imply what you will go without, rather than what you will achieve. To a successful business owner, however, the word ‘budget’ has a very different meaning. It’s more like a map than a diet. […]

Why your Craft Brewery’s next customer is worth more than $6,000

You and your craft brewery both need to make a great first impression

Imagine a new customer walks into your brewery. It’s just another business transaction. You give them a product, and they give you money. After all, they’re just another customer. No big deal, right? But what if I told you that new customer would be worth more than $6,000 to your business. Would you have handled it any differently?

The Small Business $20,000 Immediate Write Off.

Just a quick FAQ for those small business owners, extracted from What has changed as a result of the 2015 Budget? Under the changes to simplified depreciation rules External Site for small business, you can: immediately write off eligible depreciating assets costing less than $20,000 each, as long as […]